Apries PUX

Simple and intuitive program that enables you to change the IP address on your system to a proxy. it enables you to mask your online identify and gain access to websites that are otherwise restricted in your country...

  • Compact and easy to handle GUI

  • Change your IP to a proxy with a single click

  • A straightforward IP switcher to help you protect your online self

  • NEWS

    PUX : Compact and easy to handle GUI

    The utility is made up of a small, non-resizable window that cannot be repositioned anywhere else on your screen. It also features a menu where you can connect and disconnect from an IP or configure its ‘Settings’. The latter section of Apries PUX enables you to define the proxy IP and port.

    To summarize, Apries PUX is a handy utility that enables you to mask your system’s IP address with a proxy and anonymize your online activity, prevent trackers from monitoring you or access restricted websites, all with minimal fuss

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